Body In Question explores the human body as a system from a number of perspectives, principally through human health issues. Students examine the nature of health and disease from the physiological, mental, social and emotional and immunological basis and investigate the role of physics in describing and explaining the human body.

Body in Question and is a powerful combination of physics, physiology, psychology, immunology, mathematics, language and literacy. The teaching program has 4 sessions of 100min each per week. Students will be required to undertake regular homework to consolidate class work.

There is an overarching idea that guides the curriculum delivered in Body in Question –  Health in our hands.

The Body in Question curriculum has been developed in a flexible way to provide the opportunity for students to make choices about their own learning needs. There are key objectives and requirements that all students are expected to meet that are evident in all curriculum choices.

Concepts covered in Body in Question include:

  • Health is influenced by a variety of factors
  • Health determinants are interconnected and complex
  • The immune system of humans and patterns of infection
  • How data can inform decision making about health
  • Using Bioethical frameworks to inform decision making about health
  • Basic biomechanical principles
  • Scientific Investigations; their design, performance and reporting
  • Writing in the style of a scientific magazine
  • Analysing a range of texts
  • Investigations into past, current and future health issues
  • The role of social factors such as conformity, aggression, altruism and persuasion on health
  • How theories of emotion can be applied to help us understand thoughts and behaviour
  • Human body systems including the muscular-skeletal, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Diet, nutrition and the human digestive system
  • Sexuality and relationships and how they are influenced by both nature, family, friends and culture

This course is a part of the ASMS Central Study curriculum. All students study it as part of the 2 year Central Study Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to develop students that are able to be successful in a range of pathways beyond school and as successful 21st-century learners both during their time at the ASMS and beyond.

The Body in Question Central Study is offered as part of Year 10 or Stage 1 Scientific Studies (20 credits), part of Year 10 or Stage 1 Health (10 points)  and part of  Year 10 or Stage 1 English/EAL (10 credits).