Over the past couple of weeks students have been working on a poetry unit in their Biodiversity Central Study. This work has been focused on students’ deep learning in language and literacy through a lens of Biodiversity-related themes. Importantly, the understanding of literacy constructs within poetry and prose help to mold the extension of students’ vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and general knowledge, which are all important developmental attributes for our budding STEM professionals. While the focus of this unit has been in analysis of language, the students have had opportunity to be creative. The following poem was written by one of our inspired students during a 30 minute sojourn through the lovely bush area to the rear of our school during a class activity, to see what they could create in a group or individually. I’m sure you’ll agree, this poem touches on a poignant topic with remarkable maturity and beauty of language. I was blown away by what Michael produced in a matter of minutes. Well done.

The Warning Calls of Death

Doth the wind rustle the leaves,
Of the mightiest Gumtrees?
And doth the sprigs of life, the insects,
Fill the floor?
For the carpet of dry brown and green,
not contain her beauteous forms,
That erupt with life adapt to this land.
And the crimson buds of seeds so tough
Sprout from the withering drought,
this sun burnt land, a nation which,
Employs grasses, stringy barks,
Forbade the warning calls of Death
And echoes Nature’s breath.

From my loft of fallen branch,
I spy a silent march,
Of the natural caretakers,
That burrow, sprint and walk,
as my gaze lifts far abroad,
I think, I ought take note,
Of the harsh divide between this land,
And our human hoard.
For among the leaves,
And shrubs and brush,
demon lies in wait,
deadly hand of man,
destruction and its wake.

For cuss as you may at flies and bugs,
And throw around the blame,
Of who did what and what did who,
Just passing on the shame,
There is no thought of what’s to come,
the smell of what is left,
For we ignore and refuse,
The warning calls of Death.

Michael 13/02/2020