Life Sciences Bio-Innovation Week, Canada 2017

This year Neil ‘Doc’ Davis and Geetha Nair with six students, Jose Inaldo, Tash Candy, Alannah Williams, Millie Cartwright, Michael Nitschke and Elliott Mordaunt went to Winnipeg, Canada to participate in the Bio-Innovation Week. The theme was “Models for Food and Water Security” and included classroom activities, participation in the Agricultural Bioscience International Conference, workshops, visits to Research facilities and the Human Rights Museum.
Before returning to Adelaide the group visited Niagara Falls for sightseeing, taking the ‘Maid of Mist’ boat to the base of, and a journey behind the falls. They also had a lot of fun at the Clifton Hill Amusement Park.

International Science Challenge, Singapore 2017

The Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) was an opportunity to work with students from around the world. We worked in mixed teams to solve problems in 3 challenges – the poster challenge, the Machine Learning challenge and the Design and Build challenge.
There were excursions too, including a visit to Singapore University for Technology and Design and to Gardens by the Bay. After SISC finished we had time to discover Singapore. Sentosa Island, the Merlion, Hard Rock Café and Universal Studios were just some of the landmarks we visited. We made friends from all over the world, learned a lot and had a great time.
Julia Schoetzig, Rebecca Clegg, Eugenia Camnahas

Pacific Fair, New Caledonia 2017

September saw Kay Gillett, Ben Mattsson, Luke Wagner, Hannah Hains and Indigo Platt participating in the College of Agriculture Michel Rocard Science Fair in New Caledonia.
They visited the north of the island to present their research projects at the ‘Science Village’, participated in classroom activities and visited lagoons, forests, mangroves, aquaculture laboratory and the Naturals Spaces Conservatory.
After a day travelling back to the south with visits to the beach to snorkel, the aquarium and museum along the way Indigo, Hannah and Luke presented their Research Projects again at the ‘Youth Science Contest’ in Noumea.

International Students Science Fair, South Korea 2017

From 19 – 23 June, four ASMS students, Yu Ri Park, Tegan Berry-Smith, Tayla Sellick and Marvellous Ogbeide, had the opportunity to attend ISSF 2017 hosted by Korea Science Academy of KAIST in Busan. We were able to witness the culture of South Korea, present our research posters and compete in science competitions. Tours and lectures around the school allowed us to observe different learning environments.
After the competition, we explored South Korea in new ways in Seoul. We wore Hanbok (the traditional costume of Korea) while exploring the Palace in Seoul, ate Korean food (including  live octopus, which was a challenge to our taste buds and minds) and immersed ourselves in the Korean culture. The most popular activity was shopping. As fast as we arrived, we had to say goodbye to lovely South Korea. We parted with new confidence, views on the world and our learning, great memories and new lifelong friends.

Super Science Fair, Japan 2017

Jules Potiki and Renee Scarborough with students Tish Magsarjav, Taine Murray, Shona Prabhakaren, Seonil Jee and Riley Pemberton participated in the Japan Super Science Fair hosted by Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto, Japan in November 2017.
The week long event included a poster display, seminar presentations, Science World workshops, lectures and industrial tours. Following this week there were some great sightseeing opportunities going to Hiroshima and the Peace Park, Miyajima Island with the Torii Gate in the sea and free roaming deer, Osaka with its castle and temples and finally Universal Studios.

Camborne Science & International Academy’s Science Fair, England 2017

“Jayce Birrell, Cody Morgan and I were fortunate to attend the Camborne Science & International Academy’s Science Fair. During the fair we stayed with host families which allowed us to fully experience the Cornish culture. We worked collaboratively with other international students during the fair and participated in several excursions.
Our last 4 days in England were spent sightseeing in London. Highlights included Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Lord’s Oval, The Tower of London, The Science Museum, Royal Observatory and many more. It was a great trip which we really enjoyed. Thanks to Bronte and David for accompanying us and to Julie Cassidy for organising it. ” Lachie Jaensch

Bio-Innovation Week, Canada 2016

It is hard to describe every aspect of the Canadian Bio-Innovations experience. On the one hand it is intensely enjoyable because there is so much to do, on the other hand it is incredibly exhausting because each day is packed with educational experiences. After travelling half way around the world you are greeted by some of the kindest people on the planet and welcomed into their lives for the week’s stay in Winnipeg. A brief weekend to recover from the travel and it’s into Fort Richmond Collegiate to be immersed in student life for a day (if you play an instrument you’ll love their band practice!).

The next few days go by in a blur of biological sciences looking at agribusiness, sustainable farming, livestock and the malodorous dairy farm experience. Travelling the country side in a large coach bus you form quick and easy friendships with students from around the world. The culminating challenge, a proposal on efficient land usage for multiple cropping based on data analysis of soil quality and nutrient levels, leaves you feeling satisfied that you have achieved something substantial; even if it is only that you got through the mountain of food at lunch.
After a brief sojourn at the Forks for shopping and the Zoo for polar bears you need to prepare yourself for a wild rollercoaster of emotions at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The next few days leaves you breathless as you partake in the sights, sounds and exhilarating experiences to be had at world famous Niagara Falls. The multi pass allows you to get up close and personal with nature’s fury, in more ways than one, as you are blasted by spray coming straight off the falls; there’s no escaping it! Challenge the teachers at Dinosaur putt-putt or simply enjoy the breathtaking view from the top floor buffet breakfast at the hotel.
Best of all? You don’t have to prepare anything before going because the experience is fully self-contained, just turn up and have an amazing adventure.

International Science Challenge, Singapore 2015

The team participating in SISC was Tisha Beasley, Amanda Watkin, Selena Spink and Gemma Crittenden. After the 5 day science challenge the group had 3 days of cultural experiences in Singapore.

“The international trip to Singapore this year was incredible!  There was no end to our learning experiences and fun times…  9 days, 2 accommodations, 30 strange meals, 50 activities, 24 schools, 11 countries, and a lot of students. From the Orchid Gardens to Designing & Building Robots, the Singapore International Science Challenge comes highly recommended from me!” Tisha


Super Science Fair, Japan 2015

Each year a team from the Australian Science and Mathematics School attends the Japan Super Science Fair hosted by Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto. This year the team is Glenys Thompson , Amandi Hiyare Hewage, Isaac Snyder, Max Verhagen, Emilija Reuter,Marcus Roberts and Apoorva Nyayapathi. They will participate in a 5 day event collaborating and mingling with other international schools and then have 3 days of cultural experiences in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.


BioInnovation Week, Canada 2015

In October Meg Leeson, Bridget Mooney, Ally Lee, Kay Gillet and Ash Brook jetted off to Canada to take part in  Bio Innovation Week. Highlights of this trip included: Working with other students from around the world on the problem based learning challenge, listening to how farmers can work together to protect waterways and farmlands, watching how drones can help with farming in the modern era, demonstrating how the 60X phone microscopes work, watching an ice hockey game, visiting and going behind Niagara Falls and learning that sometimes the student is the teacher.


International Science Youth Forum, Singapore 2015

Participants Cat Stone, Tristan Miller, Chloe Dancer and Oscar Diplock had a fantastic experience listening to and interacting with Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists and collaborating in poster exhibitions and maths competitions with many students and educators from around the world. This was followed by 3 days of cultural experiences in Singapore.


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