Singapore International Science Challenge 2015

The team participating in SISC was Tisha Beasley, Amanda Watkin, Selena Spink and Gemma Crittenden. After the 5 day science challenge the group had 3 days of cultural experiences in Singapore.

“The international trip to Singapore this year was incredible!  There was no end to our learning experiences and fun times…  9 days, 2 accommodations, 30 strange meals, 50 activities, 24 schools, 11 countries, and a lot of students. From the Orchid Gardens to Designing & Building Robots, the Singapore International Science Challenge comes highly recommended from me!” Tisha


Japan Super Science Fair 2015

Each year a team from the Australian Science and Mathematics School attends the Japan Super Science Fair hosted by Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto. This year the team is Glenys Thompson , Amandi Hiyare Hewage, Isaac Snyder, Max Verhagen, Emilija Reuter,Marcus Roberts and Apoorva Nyayapathi. They will participate in a 5 day event collaborating and mingling with other international schools and then have 3 days of cultural experiences in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.


BioInnovation Week, Canada 2015

In October Meg Leeson, Bridget Mooney, Ally Lee, Kay Gillet and Ash Brook jetted off to Canada to take part in  Bio Innovation Week. Highlights of this trip included: Working with other students from around the world on the problem based learning challenge, listening to how farmers can work together to protect waterways and farmlands, watching how drones can help with farming in the modern era, demonstrating how the 60X phone microscopes work, watching an ice hockey game, visiting and going behind Niagara Falls and learning that sometimes the student is the teacher.


International Science Youth Forum, Singapore 2015

Participants Cat Stone, Tristan Miller, Chloe Dancer and Oscar Diplock had a fantastic experience listening to and interacting with Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists and collaborating in poster exhibitions and maths competitions with many students and educators from around the world. This was followed by 3 days of cultural experiences in Singapore.


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