The ASMS is hosting two events for Parents in Education Week and you are invited! Supper will be provided.

Seminar 1 – how to live positively in a digital world

This talk will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of children’s technology use and how to balance screen time with learning and development.
The Honourable John Gardner, Minister for Education will open the program at 7.00pm.

Key themes:

  • The benefits of digital learning but how much is too much in a world where children’s technology use is increasing.
  • How increasing technology use affects young children’s social and emotional development, and health.
  • How parents can work with educators and professionals to help their child develop positive behaviours around digital media.
  • How to balance children’s use of technology with live interactions and activities.
  • What do positive relationships look like in a digital world?

Speakers: Linda Cranley and Genevieve Johnson
Tuesday 28 August, 7.00pm to 8.45pm
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Seminar 2 – Behaviours for learning and wellbeing

This talk will help you understand the different types of behaviours that can support your child’s learning and wellbeing and how you can help them develop these.

Key themes:

  • The fact that all behaviours have a purpose – they are a way that children communicate.
  • Understanding what your child’s behaviour is trying to tell you.
  • How external influences affect children’s behaviour.
  • How to help children develop behaviours that will help them learn and have a positive sense of wellbeing. These could include:
  • confidence and resilience
  • self awareness, self management and social awareness
  • the ability to work through problems, deal with stress and form healthy relationships
  • skills in managing their emotions.

Speaker: Dr Justin Coulson
Wednesday 29 August, 7.00pm to 8.45pm
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