The ASMS seeks to promote a rich range of international connections as part of the program of the school. The school actively seeks relationships with international partners that will enhance the mission and operation of the school.

The ASMS is providing opportunities for students to participate in several different international study tours in 2019.

Students who wish to go on an international study tour in 2019 must make an application in the following manner.

1. Complete the Application ‘Declaration Form’ form for International Study Tours 2019 available from the ASMS website and first floor reception and submit them in completed form to Julie Cassidy by 2 November 2018.

2. Complete the Application ‘Expression of Interest’ form answering the three questions.

Successful applicants will be notified by email. Please advise if post is the best contact option.

Application Forms

Study Tour Declaration Form
Study Tour Expression of Interest
Study Tours Application Information

International Study Tours Departing in Semester 1

Hiroshima, JAPAN, February 2019

  • 5 Days in Hiroshima for a science fair and school experience
  • Make presentations of research work
  • Participate in research activities with local and international students
  • Accomodation in Hiroshima University Dormitories
  • Sponsorship may be available

Singapore – March 2019

The goal of ISSF is to provide students with a platform where they not only present their scientific skills but also learn a lot more from others through mutual interaction.

  • Meet and make friends with students from over 20 different countries
  • Hosted by a different school & country, annually
  • Enjoy the special social and cultural experiences of the host country
  • 5 days participation in ISSF
  • 2 days cultural activities in the host country

England – July 2019

  • A study tour for students with a high interest in the sciences
  • The program will include laboratory workshops, presentations and tours to various research and academic institutes
  • Includes 3-4 days of cultural experiences in London

International Study Tours Departing in Semester 2

BRISBANE, August 2019

  • Present research projects at Cafe Scientifique
  • Attend chassroom activities at Queensland Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Attend classes in Corinda High School
  • A day excursion to the Queensland Royal Show
  • Homestay accommodation

CANADA, September / October 2019

  • The program will include laboratory workshops, presentations and tours to various research and academic institutes
  • Enjoy a home stay and schooling experience with a Canadian family
  • 3-4 days of cultural experiences in Niagara Falls

MELBOURNE, October 2019

  • Student seminar and poster presentations
  • STEM student challenges
  • Monash University STEM Excursions
  • Keynote presentations by Australia’s leading scientists

KYOTO, JAPAN, November 2019

  • Work with other students from around the world with a passion for science
  • Make a presentation of your work to a significant international audience
  • Experience and view Japanese history, culture and lifestyle
  • Accommodation for the Super Science Fair will be in the student dormitories of Ritsumeikan University
  • Includes 3-4 days of cultural experience in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima
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