A reminder that the school building is accessible by students from 7:45am until 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and until 3.45pm Friday and these are the hours that we provide duty of care.

From Monday to Thursday, students may be able to stay later than 4:30pm if there is a Leadership team member and at least one other staff member present. This varies according to our schedules and is not known in advance. If you have arranged with your child to pick them up from school later in the day, your child will either need to wait outside the building, or move to the Sturt Library. This is a university facility and the staff do not provide duty of care. On Friday afternoons, supervision is provided until 3.45pm at which time students will be asked to leave the building and make their way home, or go to the Sturt Library to wait for you.

If you have any concerns, please contact Glenys on +61 8201 5686.