As the name suggests Order from Chaos starts with the premise that humans create order from an apparently chaotic world, but is this really the case?
Divided into three modules the central study initially focusses on Persuasion and Prediction. A starting point examining how human society creates systems of order and governance. Students will be examining great speeches from history before choosing an issue of community importance to create their own persuasive speech. This is followed by an examination of voter behaviour via statistical analysis against the backdrop of the upcoming South Australian state election.

The second module, Perspectives and Patterns, moves attention to the natural world and incorporates mathematical and scientific investigation of naturally occurring patterns and randomness. As suggested by the image this will include a focus on fractals, both in terms of the mathematics involved as well as a consideration of the aesthetic and creative possibilities.

The concluding module Made to Order, requires students to undertake an individual investigation of a complex system from multiple perspectives: mathematical, scientific, social, ethical and possibly political. Types of complex systems that may be chosen include air traffic control, road traffic and weather forecasting. It is expected that a student’s investigation will draw together many of the topics and themes considered throughout the year.

Lisa Pope

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Leader