Our collaboration with the South Australian Museum continues this term. To coincide with Camp Week, Ben McHenry has displayed three fossils from locations our students will be visiting.

The oldest fossil is from the World famous Ediacaran formations of the Flinders Ranges, it is an example of Dikinsonia. It represents the Ediacaran Fauna, the oldest complex animal life forms on earth dating from approximately 560 million years ago, discovered here in South Australia.


Four Ichthyosaur vertebrae from the early Cretaceous period 110 million years ago are an example of an animal that swam in the vast inland sea that covered what is now Central Australia at the time of the dinosaurs.



The third fossil is a skull of a Marsupial Lion from Victoria Fossil Cave at Naracoorte. This fossil is from 50,000 years ago and are the remains of an animal that roamed our landscape at the time of the last ice age.

The ASMS is fortunate to have these astounding fossils on display representing South Australia’s world class geological history. As well as making an interesting display the fossils provide an opportunity for our students to learn first-hand from these amazing objects.

David Cowen