We would like to thank everyone who participated in Nude Food Day! Your culinary efforts were truly inspirational! As a result of your kind donations, we raised over $250 for the Australasian Plastic Oceans Charity , who are dedicated to saving the ocean from the threat of plastic pollution. The winner of the best spread for the day was Learning Studies Group (LSG) 24, for their assortment of pizzas, scones, banana bread, zucchini slice, sushi, jammy dodgers, veggie lasagne, hummus, fudge, iced tea and “Clive the Rockmelon”.

The prize for most generous, goes to LSG 16 for their significant donation. Your kindness and charitability cannot be overstated, and we will also be presenting you with a trophy of appreciation for your generosity.

Thank you all, we look forward to seeing your efforts in future plastic-free school events!