Welcome to the first edition of the ASMS News. A publication written by ASMS students.
As part of the Adventure Space Program (previously University Studies) a small group of students have taken on the role of ‘’Investigative Journalists’. Throughout the year they will gather stories, report on events and keep you informed of what’s happening at the ASMS. This edition focuses on Activities Day.

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Julie Perkins—Business Manager

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the second decade of the Australian Science and Mathematics School.

At the beginning of each year we focus on welcoming our new students, mostly into year 10 (120) and another 20 in year 11 and 12. Activities Day featured in this newsletter is one of the ways that we help students settle into the school. It exemplifies the culture of the ASMS; cooperation, participation and engagement. As you can see the students certainly got into the friendly competition, wearing their team colours and having fun. Notwithstanding that GOLD won again, and apart from some sunburn we had an enjoyable day. Read more about it from our Media Team!

Adventure Space runs in session one each Thursday morning and encourages students to choose their own adventure. The Investigative Journalist is one program of about 20 on offer; for example Learning Programming with the Innovation Space team, RoboGals, Making Model Aircraft, Caring for Infants, Creative Game Design, Science and the Arts and Film Making are all on offer this term.

Susan Hyde, Principal

Activities Day

Activities day 2014 was a great success. The yellow team once again conquered, much to Jason’s delight. All of the other teams put up an enormous fight, even donning wacky and wonderful costumes in the hope of one-upping the yellow team. Everyone made an effort and we saw blueberries to people covered in paint and even a few superheroes showed up. Not all of these costumes were the most practical choices but they were funny and interesting all the same. Days after we can still see the remnants of Activities Day 2014 in colourfully dyed hair, painful sunburn and zinc stained skin.

Courtney Bronca

On Tuesday the 18th February we, the students at ASMS explored the colourful culture of activities day. The atmosphere was something I’d never experienced before.

We started the day with sprints and group sports such as volleyball, ultimate frisbee and lacrosse. Students running for their teams, blue cheering for their fellow competitors, everyone was in a joyful mood! Next we moved on to the pool noodle race, the funniest of them all, competitors running with the pool noodle racing their team to victory! Finally, after all of the fun and competitions gold lead their team to victory, taking out, yet again, the title. Although the disappointment of loosing hit the blue team hard, we all left the day with the joy and smiles we started with!

Amber Dales

On a warm and sunny Tuesday at the beginning of February each person at ASMS experienced activity day in a different way. Some didn’t attend, while others participated in every event. I got to experience several of the tutor group events, while being able to take photos of anything and everything.

I found that, like many things at ASMS, they’ve managed to change and adapt their activities day to suit the school. The atmosphere of the day was much calmer than any I’d ever experienced before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The final events at the end of the day were an excellent way to wind down and end the day, everyone together, cheering and screaming on their colour’s. “GO BLUE, COME ON!” We ended the day with huge smiles on our faces.

Gabrielle Nielsen

On 18 February 2014 the 12th Activities Day of the Australian Science and Mathematics School took place. And this year, the day was full of fun, suspense and enjoyment. Why do we even have an activities day? You might ask. Well, this day is for all the students to socialize, work as a team, know more people and have fun of course. As many students come from different schools and different zones in Adelaide, this day is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Apoorva Nyayapathi

The day started out with everyone keen to give everything a go but the enthusiasm level dropped as the day got hotter and the thought of coming last in an event seeped into our minds. Many of us spent the day chatting with friends and the other half forgot their friends and focused on getting points for their house colour. The first time they announced the results yellow was leading and that gave us an energy boost. Unfortunately the second time the results were announced green was ahead, now our confidence had shattered and determination set in. we tried our best to get the maximum amounts of volunteers in the remaining events. As the day went on the activities got more entertaining, ending the activities day with tug of war, noodle runs and sack races. We shouted and cheered for our colours all day long but the loudest cheers were heard when the winners were announced. We sat waiting intensely, clutching our friends hands and time slowed down. They announced the winner and it took a moment to realise that GOLD had won.

We jumped up cheering, applauding and picking each other up. The smile could not be wiped off our face, we made our way over to take our winning photo. We did it, we won and like we had said frequently we would be the team taking yet another victory photo. Even though the other teams called us cheaters we knew we deserved it because each individual put in the effort. The party stopped the next day with half the school being absent due to body aces and severe tan burns.

Mashy Dehghani

The two most enjoyed and funniest, activities to watch were definitely the three legged and noodle relay! The three legged race combined male and female, year 10 to year 12s together in trying to beat the opposing teams. The rules are simple; strap your leg to someone else, when “GO!” is yelled, you run with your partner to the finish line. Many falls occurred and friendships made. Safe to say everyone had a “blast” watching and participating in this race.

The Noodle Relay was probably the most embarrassing activity on Tuesday! Running up to a cone, roughly, 10 meters away with a pool noodle between your legs, running back getting a second person onto the pool noodle and repeating until four people are running up and back with a pool noodle between their legs! Everyone had a good laugh, and it was great to see most team members helping out and participating, yelling and cheering for our teams, school spirit was on a high.

Caitlin McAndrew

On Tuesday the 18 February, one of the biggest annual events of ASMS was held. All students were pumped with anticipation running through their veins. Many leaped into the day representing their team colour in funky costumes.

Activities Day originated back in 2003, it began as a school event for social reasons. With many students enrolling from various schools across the country, it was a great opportunity for all the staff and students to get to know each other. 11 years later, it has become a great tradition.

The morning started with whispers and giggles all over the school; students running around with coloured paint on their bodies, party wigs and fairy wings flying across desks, dinosaur onesies, blue morph suits and Gru’s minions wandering around buildings.

Everyone was prepared for a hectic day of joy and laughter. Coloured flocks of green, blue, red and yellow made their way across the traffic lights of University Drive to Flinders Oval. It was at that time when the battle of the tutor groups began. Guns were signalling the start of the 100m heats and all the events started.

Celine Phay

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