You may have already seen a few outstanding pieces from The Energy Equation Central Study, where students drew on their analytical understanding of the 1957 Disneyland episode Our Friend the Atom to produce an artistic, dramatic or written response. Here is another shining piece.


The Energy Equation Creative Arts Fair, Script by Olivia Slee

My artistic piece is a watercolour painting.
It shows the main idea I took away from Our Friend the Atom which is there is a positive and a negative to every idea.
This is why I had two parts to my painting.
One side is a colourful image of power plants which provide energy and the “positive”.
Whereas the other side is monochrome and is an image of Chernobyl which was a devastating nuclear disaster which provides the “negative”.
The colours were used like this as this is how the movie was made. The positive side of nuclear energy was more colourful whereas the negatives usually were darker and more monochrome.
I looked at three different elements of Our Friend the Atom when creating this piece.
These elements were the audience, the purpose and the ideas and perspectives.
The audience for Our Friend the Atom was more matured individuals who could understand concepts on energy.
The purpose (or my interpretation of the purpose) was to inform the audience of not only the positives of nuclear energy but also the negatives.
The ideas and perspectives that I used in this piece was that nuclear and atoms can destroy everything in its path (Chernobyl) or it can create something amazing and really help people and industries (nuclear energy).
Aside from the power plants in the actual painting there is also a heavy undertone about energy to the piece.
The piece was based off of the two extremities of positive and negative reactions. It looks at how something so new, exciting and interesting can make the impossible seem possible.
In the 1950’s the atom and nuclear energy was such a surprising concept that not many people knew about and it was used for some amazing things like energy.
But it also destroyed a city within 36 hours and left it uninhabitable. Even over 30 years later the land is still toxic.
I think my artistic piece is not as majorly effective to this community and timeframe compared to how effective it would have been in the 1950’s.
This is because of the knowledge that we now have about atoms and nuclear energy.
During the 1950’s, these concepts were new and weren’t really understood so Our Friend the Atom was very effective in educating everyday people about nuclear energy and atoms.
Whereas this piece was created to support Our Friend the Atom even though it was made 60 years after the movie was made.


The Energy Equation Creative Arts Fair, Script by Olivia Slee

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