From September 28 to October 7, Jem Simper-Brown, Keely Fausch, Diana Fulga and James Nash were accompanied by teachers Simon Illingworth and Karla Pobke on the 9 day journey throughout New Caledonia. The group started their visit in the North Province, where they attended Lycée agricole et général de Pouembout and presented their posters at the school science fair. During the week the students and teachers stayed with accommodating and kind homestay families. Activities such as visiting Pindai beach and hiking through New Caledonia’s endemic dry forest were some of the major highlights of the time spent there. The last two days entailed visiting the capital, Noumea. In Noumea the group stayed in CISE (Centre International Sport et Expertise) which was built for the 2012 Pan-pacific games. The highlights of Noumea were visiting Duck Island and snorkelling in a healthy coral reef system that had an array of colours and also presenting at the Noumea Science Fair at the Noumea University. On the final day the group visited the Noumea markets to purchase gifts for their families back home.

The trip was a great success that everyone enjoyed, the moments mentioned above are just a taste of what happened in the trip, with many personal memories obtained and layers of cultural aspects understood throughout the trip.