My first week at ASMS was amazing. I love the amount of freedom we have and how we get to interact with other students compared to a normal school environment. I also like how we get grouped with new students in most activities so we all get to meet each other which I feel like will help us new students make friends. I also really like how we have done almost no work so far which I’m sure will change but school will still be fun.


My first week at ASMS went really well. I enjoyed getting to know the teachers and students. I really like the chilled out environment here as opposed to other schools. I was a bit confused on the first day here but as I got used to it I started to enjoy it a lot more. Overall I’m really glad to be a student at ASMS because I like the environment and people a lot.


My first week at the ASMS has gone pretty well and I am now getting the hang of lessons, where things are and making friends. I have made friends and am having fun learning in my lessons. In our LSG, all the students are very inviting, funny and super nice which I really appreciate as otherwise I would not have been able to settle in. I have received some homework which is good as slowly I am understanding how to produce work for class at ASMS.


How was your week?  Pretty good, although I’m used to waking up at 7:45 so having to be up by 7 is annoying

This week I liked/enjoyed …. Generally, the ASMS seems to have more interested students than my old school so it’s nice being amongst people who actually like what we’re learning about.

This week I had trouble with/was challenged by … Waking up early, as I said before.

I still have questions about… ​Nothing really. 

I am looking forward to…. Starting assignments and seeing more what work here is like.