It is the end of term and we are all getting ready for our two-week break and commencement of our final term for 2019. Our year 12 students are preparing themselves for final assessments and for their graduation from the ASMS. Each will reflect with their Learning Studies teacher on their achievements and growth during the time they have been with us at the ASMS and will receive an ASMS Graduate Certificate which acknowledges their development against the General Capabilities in preparation for their future. As I have mentioned before, our focus on providing opportunities for our students to develop and strengthen the skills and capabilities that prepare them for their future is a key feature of our learning programs.

Our mid Semester 2 Learning Conversations are on currently and provide our students with the opportunity to review their progress towards their learning goals and perhaps set new goals and acknowledge achievements to date. As always, their insightful reflections are an indication that our students are developing skills to direct and regulate their learning.

Our year 11’s have been considering which year 12 subjects will support them in their pathways. We have introduced several new subjects in response to student interests and are working to provide the opportunity for them to follow their interests through our new and innovative approaches to these year 12 subjects.

After three busy terms we urge you all to relax and take a much needed break before the final stretch of the year. It is an eventful time of the year and important for us each to look after ourselves and each other.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank our staff for the ongoing strong support they continue to provide our students and each other. I wish all a safe and restful break and look forward to our final school term for 2019 when we return on 14th October.