It has been an exciting few weeks here at the ASMS! Our Year 12’s are well on the way with their learning, while Term 3 brings many new challenges for them, students have settled into their routines and are making great progress. Our 24 UES students have completed one semester of their studies and, by now, have gotten used to being a university student.

Our 14 PATE students are working on their folios with examples of capabilities that they are developing in readiness for their tertiary study. These students will present their folios in Term 4 and along with their SACE completion will qualify for access to courses at Flinders University without an ATAR.

Year 11’s are considering their 2020 year 12 subject selections. They have spent the first part of this term investigating a range of careers and post-secondary school options in Learning Studies and Engineering a Monster. In 2020 we will be offering several new year 12 subjects which we are very excited about! We asked our students what they would really like to be able to study at the ASMS during their year 12. We also considered our Learning@ASMS framework and our 3 Year Development Plan priorities. From these we have developed our subject list which not surprisingly is science and mathematics rich.

Our annual International Science Fair kicks off Tuesday, September 3! Our ISF 2019 theme is “Take the Challenge – be the Change”. An exciting theme for our week of activities I think you would agree!! Staff and students from across the globe will be taking on their challenges for what will be a week of exploration, interrogation and collaboration. I hope students will find the program extends their thinking, allowing them to use their knowledge in interesting ways and encourages thinking about the wicked problems of our world in critical and creative ways to determine actions they can take to make a difference. Through working in teams, students will work with others from different nations thus promoting the intercultural understandings needed in our contemporary world. The various cultural events may also help develop friendships between our students, which I hope may be the basis for future cooperation.

We continue to be inspired by our student’s passion for learning and it is a privilege to watch them grow in their confidence as learners.