We have had an exciting start to our 2019 school year with lots of activity and opportunities for students to settle into their school year.

Our Learning Studies program offers support for students to develop those all-important self-management skills that help with prioritising tasks and planning for effective use of time. In Learner Space time students are accessing help with their assignments, in Central Studies Connect time students are working with study materials prepared by their teachers to help work through assignments. Students can feel the pressure of multiple assignment due dates, our MMM time aims to help them build strategies to manage high pressure moments such as these mid-term timelines by taking time-out to de-stress and relax. Thanks to our outstanding Learning Studies teachers for the wonderful work they are doing in supporting our students to develop skills and the dispositions of a self-directed learner.

In recognition of the very different way in which our school operates, our Governing Council are running a series of Parent Information nights. You don’t know what you don’t know” was our first event in the series. A fabulous turn out of over 40 parents heard from members of our Governing Council about the tips and hints to supporting students in their first term at the ASMS. Some great insights and fabulous discussion. Thank you to all involved in making this event so successful and of high value to parents who are new to the ASMS.

We were fortunate to have a live performance of Macbeth in our school. Not Macbeth as you may know it though! Fun was had by all including the actors from Scrambled Prince Theatre Group. Check out our social media posts for photos.