It is wonderful to be back together again for the start of Term 2. Our staff have done amazing work to support our students while some have been learning at home and others learning at school. This is not easy to do and I sincerely thank them for their commitment to providing quality learning experiences during this time.

As things seem to be settling more now in South Australia, we are keen to see more of our students back learning at school. We feel that having the opportunities for our students to connect with each other and their teachers at school enables more effective monitoring and support for our learners. We understand that for some, returning to school may still not be possible and that circumstances at home may not yet be appropriate or deemed safe for some of our students to be at school. However, I strongly encourage you to contact us so we are able to understand the situation in your family. For our year 12’s, being at school now is especially important, having a sense of being part of a class and a school cohort helps develop strong relationships that are invaluable in building the resilience to manage the learning pathways ahead this year. Opportunities for teachers to check for student’s understanding, intervene and redirect when necessary are much more likely to occur when students are at school and working with their peers in class.

My short video included in this edition of Info@ outlines our plans for ensuring we were ready for Term 2 no matter what happened. We are looking closely at what we are learning from these experiences to inform our future planning, it is likely that things will be changing not only for us but across the globe. I look forward to seeing all of our students back learning at school and trust that you are continuing to keep safe and healthy.