As we embarked on our 2020 school year I never expected we would be each trying to deal with the circumstances we are currently facing.

As you would be aware COVID-19 is impacting on student attendance at school. Our commitment to support students who are learning from home includes providing access to online learning programs. Fundamentally this is using resources in the ASMS Portal, Office 365 and G Suite for Education. We acknowledge that this is new territory for many of us and in recognition of this we have developed some protocols aimed to support both the continuity of learning for our students and enable connections between students and teachers. These and other materials and information related to our online learning are available on our Portal News feed. Our hope is that these will be effective in ensuring we provide a safe and supported learning environment.

In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the SACE Board recently released a statement reaffirming its position that learning and assessment should use the flexibility inherent in the SACE subjects (see our Portal News feed). At the ASMS, we acknowledge that we are working in a time of uncertainty, and we as a learning community recognise the significant opportunity now afforded to embrace this flexibility and design learning and assessment which is accessible from home or on campus. We understand that each learner is in an individual situation and we are committed to using the offered flexibility of the SACE and to working collaboratively with our families and learners to support individual circumstances and support a rich SACE program. By taking advantage of this opportunity to explore different ways of gathering evidence of learning, we will meet the challenge of designing SACE learning and assessment that is aligned with the ASMS future focus.

We will work to support each learner through their program, leading to SACE completion and entry to preferred pathways, using the above measures. Although there will undoubtedly be different challenges arising throughout the year, between the commitment to engagement with learning from students and the commitment to support learning from teachers, we are well placed to meet this challenge and take this opportunity to take our next steps for future learning at the ASMS.

I encourage you to contact your child’s Learning Studies teacher if you wish to discuss any challenges your child may be having in engaging in their learning. We are committed to supporting their continuity of learning and will work with you to address any issues as best we can.

Take care and keep safe