Our 2020 school year has started with lots of excitement and many interesting and challenging activities that have enabled our students to get to know each other and their teachers. Every year we have many students new to our school, this year over 160 in fact, so we make it a priority to ensure we have a program that includes lots of interaction and opportunities for our students to support each other.

In speaking with our students during our first week when I asked how their week went I was pleased to see this reflected in their comments: great; fun; exciting; different; not the same as my old school but getting used to it; I was ready to get back & I am looking forward to doing harder work. When you read those of our new year 10 students, I am sure you will see the same sentiment. When I asked how could it have been better: it couldn’t have been better; it was fun; I need to get myself better organised; nothing, it was great seem to indicate we have certainly made them feel welcomed and helped them to better understand how we work at the ASMS.

Our year 12 Seminar Day was again a great success, under the leadership of Lisa Pope teachers and students explored what lies ahead for this final year of secondary schooling and shared strategies for achieving goals of successful completion of their SACE.

The ASMS has a strong focus on developing our student’s as confident self-directed learners and on the strengthening the capabilities which prepare them for their future. During the year I will share examples of the amazing achievements and growth of our students in this publication, and of course you can see for yourselves as you continue to watch your child grow as a confident, happy young person.

We also welcome several new staff in 2020. Jodi Gordon joins us as our Director Professional Learning and teacher of Year 12 Industrial Design course and supporting Blue Learning Studies classes; Tricia Williams is leading our Adventure Space program with a focus on supporting students to follow their passion and curiosity, she is also supporting Red Learning Studies classes; Lisa Colombo will support students to make connections with community and business through off-site programs and is teaching Year 12 Extra-ordinary Learning; Simrat Gill is teaching Year 12 Chemistry and joins the Order From Chaos teaching team. Kylie Minge is starting her teaching career with us at the ASMS, she brings her experience from Biochemistry to our 3D’s and Year 12 Biology teaching teams. And finally Emily Byrne join our Year 12 Psychology teaching team.  We also have some new faces in our SSO staff, Angela Murphy as our Business Manager and Kathy Fathers working at upstairs Reception desk. You will have the opportunity to meet some of these people at our Meet the Learning Studies Teacher evening coming up on Monday 17 February and I look forward to seeing you there!