Incredibly, it’s week 10 already and we are very nearly at the end of the first term. For a third of our students, it’s been an immersion into a different educational world, where learning is connected through themes rather than disciplines, self-regulation is developing and capabilities are valued as being an integral part of the learning. Many of you will have attended your child’s Learning Conversation and I’m sure that you will agree that the learning they are doing is truly extraordinary. I am particularly impressed with the mature manner in which students are approaching preparation for their Learning Conversations and the insight they are showing into themselves as learners during this process. Our Learning Studies teachers and class teachers are all to be thanked for the work they are doing in supporting the students and designing such immersive, connected learning that allows students to pursue their passions and gain confidence as a learner.

It has also been wonderful to see the growth in students ability to have agency for their learning. Many of our students have co-designed parts of their curriculum and all are provided with many opportunities to be in the driver’s seat of their education, rather than just being a passenger, through the Central Studies, Stage 2 subjects and Adventure Space options that are available. Through leveraging this agency, they have the opportunity to develop the skills that are so highly sought after – initiative, communication and innovative thinking to name a few. We look forward to more students accessing these opportunities in the future as they take increasing responsibility for their learning journey.

Our last day of term is Friday 12 April. I hope you have a lovely break and we look forward to hearing holiday stories when students return on 29 April.