Learning and teaching in a virtual world has provided many opportunities for us to try new things and for our students to be involved in a diversity of activities. We have had a virtual assembly; our students have been able to participate in a virtual cross-country event; contribute to a reconciliation webinar and we held our very first virtual open night. Not surprisingly change has been embraced at the ASMS. We took on a new timetable for Term 2, supported by our students and teachers seeing the benefits of enabling longer blocks of time for immersion in learning activities and experiences. In consultation with their teachers our students are now working on providing a range of evidence of what they have been learning. We are mindful that for some students it has not been an easy time and due dates may not have been met, conversations with their teachers enables our students to talk about their learning and be assessed as a result.

While we were unable to hold our Learning Conversations at the end of Term 1 students were supported to produce a digital artifact capturing their learning highlights and challenges, ask you child to share theirs with you if you haven’t seen it already. As Semester One draws to a close, students will be reflecting on their achievements for their Reports, their LSG teacher will also provide their observations. Together we have achieved so much during this semester during unusual and at times difficult circumstances.

I would like to thank the ASMS community for your support of our staff, we have received many kind words, cards, even some gifts of thanks. These have been deeply appreciated.

Now we are nearly ready for Semester Two, we have some exciting plans for our CS students and our year 12’s as they head into the final stage of their learning programs. But more of that to come!

Take care and keep keeping safe everyone.