It’s the end of term and we are all about to go on a well-deserved break. There has been much to learn from our experiences during Term 2 and I sincerely appreciate the support our staff have received from the school community. Our Challenge Based Learning week was a welcomed shift of focus for the year 10 & 11’s. We concentrated on developing intercultural understanding through a range of programs designed by our teachers in response to student interests. The final assembly was a fabulous opportunity for us to hear about the activities and growth in our students’ understanding during the week.

Some of our students have struggled to return to learning at school, we are aware that circumstances have been unusual due to COVID restrictions. We have plans in place to support any student whose learning may have been impacted by COVID. The Department for Education expects every student to be attending school regularly. We are convinced that the best place for our students to be learning is with us and their peers at ASMS. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this or wish to discuss any ongoing challenges your child may be experiencing as a result.

We are pleased to welcome year 10 & 11 students new to the ASMS at the start of Semester 2, Cat Stone planned an induction program that ensured our new students were made to feel welcome and had the chance to get to know how we work as a school. Yes, we are different and we know this takes some getting used to, thanks to Cat and our LSG teachers and students for your support.

I have had the privilege of reading many of the comments students have made in relation to their learning challenges, growth and accomplishments during Semester 1. Thoughtful and reflective comments made by our students addressed their plans for improvement in Semester 2 which included being ready to ask more questions in class, doing more drafting and seeking and responding to teacher feedback and to better manage learning time. Learning Studies Teachers are well placed to work with students in the LSG on implementing these plans, we will soon see how effective they are when we meet for our Learning Conversations in Term 3.

With COVID restrictions starting to lift we are thrilled to be able to run our Open Night, scheduled for Thursday 6 August we are hopeful we will have lots of interested families visit our school, spread the word!! We are also excited to be running an event during National Science Week. While the annual Science Alive event will not be happening, we hope to have families visit us for some interactive activities to celebrate the role of Science in our society and in particular in our education!

Lots to come but in the meantime we are ready for our end of term break! Take very good care of yourself and each other and I look forward to the start of Term 3 and seeing all of our students back at school learning!