Tuesday 12 February ASMS Meet the Tutor BBQ and Governing Council AGM

Parents and students are warmly encouraged to attend our annual Meet the Tutor BBQ to be held on Tuesday 12 February from 5.30pm. The BBQ will commence at 6.30pm.

As the Tutor is the parents’ first point of contact at the school, this is an opportunity for parents and tutors to meet face to face, and to meet other parents and students in your child’s Tutor Group. Parents will also learn how to use the ASMS portal, where they can view your child’s curriculum, progress and make instant email contact with the Tutor.

ASMS Governing Council Annual General Meeting will be held at 7:00-7:15pm. There is one vacancy for a parent on the 2013 Governing Council and so if you want to nominate please contact me on susan.hyde@asms.sa.edu.au