Welcome to the ASMS for 2015!

A ‘Meet the Teacher BBQ’ will be held on February 10th, providing parents with an opportunity to meet Learning Studies teachers.

Meet the Teacher – 5:30pm
BBQ – 6pm
AGM – 6:30pm

All new and existing parents are encouraged to attend the “Meet the Learning Studies Teacher” BBQ. This provides an important opportunity to support your students’ learning at the ASMS.

Please make sure that you RSVP to info@asms.sa.edu.au or 82015686 by Friday 6 February at the latest indicating the number of people attending and any specific dietary requirements for catering purposes.

There will also be a brief Governing Council AGM at the end of the BBQ. New parents will be sent their logon to the ASMS Portal via post over the next fortnight. If you have any questions when you receive this information, please contact your LS teacher. You can monitor student attendance and achievement amongst other things regularly through the ASMS portal. If you are an existing parent and are experiencing difficulties accessing the Portal, please contact your Learning Studies teacher.

The New Learning Studies Program

The Learning Studies (LS) program is a newly developed program that will replace the Tutor Group program. Implementation of the LS program will occur throughout 2015 and 2016.

For new students you will be introduced to the new LS program, which will play a significant role throughout your time at the ASMS. Every student at the ASMS belongs to a Learning Studies group which meets daily for 40 minutes from 12.20-1pm.

Why the Need for Change?

Through a range of consultation in 2014 and as a result of the 10 year review at the ASMS it was identified that the existing Tutor Group was not meeting the needs of all of our students. Significant changes have happened in the world over the last 10 years meaning that students and the world in which we all live is greatly different. There have also been significant developments in educational research and other fields such as neuroscience, which has demonstrated evidence of the need for change in teaching practices and curriculum to produce effective learners and active citizens into the future. At the ASMS we value students being able to understand themselves as learners, being taught the strategies to become more self–directed in their learning, and being able to reflect critically on their learning. The new Learning Studies program provides a shift towards these focus areas with the Australian Curriculum General capabilities also providing a key focus throughout a student’s time at the ASMS.

Role of the Learning Studies Teacher

The LS sessions are very important for communication between students, teachers and parents/caregivers and to effectively support, plan and monitor the academic progress and personal development of all students.

The role of the LS teacher is to act as the first point of contact for any concerns about your child’s learning and wellbeing at school and to advocate for students by:

  • Having an impact on student’s self-concept, learning and behaviour by modelling attributes such as empathy, acceptance and warmth.
  • Providing a positive adult-student relationship
  • Being accessible and readily available to help students
  • Providing order and direction for students
  • Establishing clear academic plans and goals
  • Providing emotional support and information about personal health and safety
  • Helping establish a sense of connectedness and a safe environment at the ASMS