ASMS Fokker Eindekker takes out top award at Noarlunga Model Aero Sports “Military and Civilian Airshow.”


In 2013 students of the Australian Science and Mathematics School, a State Government High School on the grounds of Flinders University, began building radio control planes. Two planes were completed in 2013 and flown at the Shepparton Mammoth Scale event in Victoria with favourable comments made on the finish of the models; a 1/5th scale Etrich Taube and a quarter scale Fokker Dr1 triplane complete in Manfred von Richthofen colouring.

In 2014 students of the ASMS went one step further and begun scratch building planes. Three Dick Sarpolus 1/5th sport scale designs were selected; the North American Aviation P-51D, the Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk and a Fokker Eindekker. After two terms of work on these three (and a SIG quarter scale Spacewalker) the decision was made that we would not complete all planes for Shepparton. Thus the SIG Spacewalker and Fokker Eindekker were identified as the most advanced and efforts to complete were undertaken.


Both planes were indeed complete for the 2014 Shepparton event and flew again to red-yellow-modelsexcellent response. In fact the Eindekker was completed with two weeks to spare and even had the luxury of a certification flight without the duress of time constraints.
Heavy Model Inspector Trevor Gale signed the model off and a range of test flights of his own and was very pleased with the handling of the model. The Eindekker is a lovely model to fly, looks and sounds the part with the NGH 38cc four stroke motor. A Hobby King sound and light unit has been fitted to the Spandau gun just because we can. It provides endless amounts of fun.


My attendance at the 2014 Noarlunga Model Aero Sports Military and Scale Day is not my first visit. It was my first visit with two heavy model certified planes (I had my own Edge 540T as well). The NMAS facilities are a credit to the club. The organisation of the event is a tribute to the club and the ongoing efforts of successive committees to keep arguable South Australia’s biggest and best Public Display event going for 39 years.

To be recognised by aeromodelling peers with the Perpetual Military Master Trophy for 2014 is remarkable. For our plane to join the ranks of the elite of South Australian aeromodelling is humbling. It is testament to the hard work, diligence and attention to detail of many students over many weeks.

Two other winners of the trophy have had a hand in this model. Trevor Gale (2013 winner) has provided ongoing assistance on fine tuning of the plane. Kingsley Neumann (1998 winner) and Holdfast Model Aero Club President along with fellow Holdfast members Ross Lloyd and Steve Nelson joined me in mentoring the students all year in the construction of their planes. Ross worked primarily with the P51D crew and Kingsley primarily worked primarily with the P-40E. I can only hope that we put pressure onto the judges for 2015 Military Honours with these planes as they are finished!

Thank you to all aeromodellors who have assisted us. Thankyou to Stephen Green of Radio Control Model News for indulging us in providing updates for his magazine. Thank you to MAAA President Neil Tank for his support of our program. Most importantly thankyou to Noarlunga Model Aero Sports for turning our students work into a remarkable and memorable moment in time. The trophy has pride of place at our reception desk.

Best wishes and happy flying,
Matt Jamieson