Learning Conversations are an important part of the reporting process at the ASMS, and an excellent chance for setting goals for growth in learning throughout the coming term. As students move through their assessments and reflect on their capabilities over the rest of the semester, I encourage everyone to keep the conversations going, and in particular, discuss the ongoing development of capabilities and reflect on whether any strategies considered at the Learning Conversation have been successful. Evaluation and adjustment of these strategies is a key part of the data that helps all students direct their learning. Thank you for being a part of this ongoing dialogue and we really appreciate your support and engagement.

Over the coming week, all Central Studies students will be surveyed about their engagement with mathematics at the ASMS in our interdisciplinary curriculum. This is a chance for students to have some input into the shaping of how we can best drive learning in this area as we design the curriculum in Semester 2, and to reflect on the learning strategies that they can use and suggest additional support that might be useful as we continue through this semester. Students have now completed two of four mathematics tasks and I will be following up with any students who have not achieved at least a C level grade in these tasks to best support their next steps. I take this opportunity to remind you that there are tutors available on a Tuesday afternoon if students would like some extra individual help.