Thanks to everyone who has paid in full or set up a payment plan for the 2019 M&S Charge. All payments should be finalised by the end of term 1 unless there is a written payment plan in place. Please contact Deb Inglis for information on the options available, including how to apply for the School Card. This information was included in the information pack posted to families at the beginning of the year.

The ASMS manages debts in accordance with the Department for Education Debtor Management Instruction. A copy of this is available from the school. Therefore you can expect to receive a statement by the end of term 1 if you have yet to pay. This will be followed by a Final Notice Statement in mid-May for any families who have not contacted the school to advise us of their payment plans. Fees not paid by the end of term 2 can be referred to a Debt Collection agency with the approval of the Governing Council.

Rachel Koek, Business Manager