At the end of Term 3, the ASMS enjoyed an exciting Music & Arts Showcase Night!

The music concert was put on by 25 students performing a range of songs from ‘Chopin’ to ‘Uptown Funk’.  Nine teaching staff even dusted off their guitars/larynges (that’s plural for larynx), and performed a Neil Young classic. During the concert intermission, an Art Gallery walk-through delighted our guests!

Over 45 students and staff donated beautiful and creative works of art ranging from photography, sketches and paintings, to poetry and Lego-robot creations. Our Community Service Club organised the ticket sales, the Southern Montessori Coffee booth, and sold heaps of baked goods to raise $625 for charity. Music for our ears, art for our eyes, and coffee/cakes for our palates made for an outstanding evening…who says we only do Science and Maths at this school?