New students have settled in well to the Learning Studies program and are regularly being mentored and supported by our Year 11 and 12 students. Students have had a great experience in their team colours at Activities Day and our inaugural tower building challenge. Students have started or updated their ePortfolio and are busy preparing it for use in the Learning Conversations later this term. Students have explored a range of learner hacks including ‘the learning pit’, ‘desmos’, ‘student leadership’ and ‘google apps’. They have also engaged in a range of activities focused on skills and capabilities needed to improve their learning and when all of this has got too much students have been able to relax through our Music, Movement and Mindfulness (Triple M) activities.

Triple M is part of the Learning Studies program where students engage in a range of different activities each Wednesday. Practicing mindfulness can have a range of benefits including; relieving stress, improving sleeping patterns, reducing anxiety and helping to develop coping strategies.