“When life gives you lemons… make a battery!”  Well, this is what we do in “Internet of Things” anyway.  This term we have been exploring material properties, and how their interactions enable significant advances in technology.  This Lemon Volts activity helped students understand the practicality of materials science by making a simple battery and generating some electricity. It also provided a challenge for students to be creative in their experimental design approach to create a structure that would achieve the maximum number of volts.  It’s such an easy experiment to do anywhere and at any time! It scaffolds brilliantly from simple connect-and-forget through to complex scientific understanding of reactivity, acid concentrations and their possible effect on electricity generation.  It allows single-cell through to multi-cell (multi-lemon) constructions, and more!   We saw some ‘borrowing’ of lemons to produce higher voltages and the overall winner simply used the lemon juice and paper towels to create a multi-cell battery that reached a whopping 5V!  This activity certainly was “One small Step for Lemons, One giant leap for Lemon Kind.”-  James Sheppard (year 11).