The design of the school’s learning and physical environments is based on pivotal beliefs about student-focused teaching and learning, lifelong learning, the relevance of science and mathematics to the world’s future, the interconnectedness of knowledge, and the importance of human communication in all its forms.

The ASMS is a great place to hold conferences, shows and workshops. If this is something you’d like to do please contact our events co-ordinator on to discuss this further.

Teaching Teams

ASMS teachers work in interdisciplinary teams to plan, teach, support and assess students learning. More information on our teaching teams is outlined in this short video.

Wellbeing for Learning

At the ASMS we know that extraordinary learning cannot happen without recognition of the importance of the relationship between students, their parents/caregivers and the school and the essential role that this plays in each student’s wellbeing. This partnership is an integral factor in creating a positive learning culture and experience for students at the ASMS. It is a cornerstone of how students are empowered to develop strategies that support their wellbeing. These relationships are protective and along with connection, are key to supporting the wellbeing of all learners. As a school we are committed to working in partnership with students and their families to build a safe, inclusive learning environment that is accepting of all, supporting each to be curious and challenged as they follow their passions and build confidence as learners.

Our focus as a school is on learning programs that develop a growth mindset, build resilience and motivation for learning, and develop a student’s General Capabilities to the ASMS graduate level. Wellbeing for learning at the ASMS is underpinned by our commitment to students having agency in their learning through the development of self-awareness and self-directedness in both their learning and their out of school lives. An important part of enacting this is ensuring students take their learning personally and have a voice in the design of their learning, having the power and autonomy to drive their own learning journey.

The ASMS school values, underpinned by the Department for Education Learner Wellbeing Framework, guide our culture and our wellbeing for learning focus. Students, staff and families work collaboratively to ensure that pathways are personalised and opportunities maximised for success for each student.

Some resources that might be useful for students and families

The Centre for Clinical Interventions has a range of online information packs (InfoPax) that could be useful for students or families looking to get some information or explore particular conditions that affect their wellbeing. The Centre is based in Western Australia, so the culture and contexts are relevant. Resources can be found at and include InfoPax on assertiveness, coping with depression, building body acceptance, building self-compassion, facing feelings, helping health anxiety, improving self esteem, keeping your balance and overcoming disordered eating.

Learning Commons

The learning commons are flexible learning spaces which can accommodate one or more groups of people. Flexible furniture, ICT workstations, data projectors and speaker systems mean that people can listen to a lecture, discuss ideas as a class, work in small groups, or work individually, depending on the task at hand.


Studios are specialized learning areas. Science, control technology, human movement, avionics, and audio visual studios have been equipped with the latest learning tools. The Avionics Studio includes a Synthetic Flight Simulator. The Ideation Studio is a space for students and teachers to work both independently and collaboratively on projects that incorporate the skills of designing and making. Utilising technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics, this innovative space empowers our students to take a hands-on approach to their learning and to experiment with boundless possibilities.

Conference Room

A multiscreen videoconference facility allows face to face contact with students, teachers and academics from around the world.

Sturt Library

ASMS students and staff have access to a section of Flinders University’s Library facilities through the Sturt Library and can access the full range of databases and services.

Flinders Pantry Cafe

A cafeteria is provided for ASMS students by Flinders University. The Pantry provides an extensive range of food and drink options. A changing menu of hot meal options, as well as fresh sandwiches, rolls and baked goods are on offer.

Gym & Oval

Students can practice team sports and take part in social competitions in the Sturt Gym. An expansive lawned area next to the ASMS is available for organized games and other recreational activities.

Facilities Hire Pack

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