Our second student Learning Conversations are planned for Wednesday 16 September and Wednesday 23 September.

We consider Learning Conversations to be an important part of your child’s learning at the ASMS and ask all parents and caregivers to be involved, as they are an excellent opportunity for you to understand how your child is progressing.

Your child has been asked to reflect on his or her progress and prepare a presentation about this as part of their Learning Studies program. The presentation by your child will begin with a discussion about their learning which is supported by their ePortfolio, with exemplars representative of work so far this semester.

The Learning Conversations will be scheduled for a maximum of 15 minutes. If parents/caregivers are unable to attend one of the timeslots provided, please contact your child’s Learning Studies Group teacher directly to arrange an alternative time.


Booking an Appointment

To book a meeting with your child’s Learning Studies teacher, please use our online Learning Conversation Bookings form, which is located within the School Handbook on the portal (under ‘Learning Conversations’).