Children and young people grow up in a highly connected world. Online connections are integral to how they live. As parents and carers, it’s important to help your child manage how and when they are online.

While at times it may be necessary to limit their access, it’s important to remember that their online connections can be healthy and link them to supportive friends on social media or to mental health information and services.

Children and young people need to know its ok to reach out to mental health professionals when they need advice and support. We want all children and young people to feel respected, in touch and mentally healthy. We can guide them through complicated relationships, no matter where they happen. Let’s work together to help them stay safe and keep connected.

esafety resources provide useful information and advice for parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online.

Wellbeing support service details are also available on our Portal. Alternatively, please phone our school and ask for Alex H, Youth Worker, for a discussion about needs and referral.

Mental health resources