Currently in Japan, a group of ASMS students and staff are participating in the Japan Super Science Fair. The Fair is being hosted by Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto. Students, Riley and Nate have just presented their work; “How is reaction time altered by coloured lenses?”

The experiment’s aim was to test if there was a correlation between a person’s reaction time and the type of coloured lens they were wearing. The experiment was conducted due to the lack of existing available research. The information collected could be a useful tool in the selection of occupants for reaction-based jobs. An experiment was conducted where participants wore several pairs of different coloured lenses whilst performing a visual reaction time test. The experiment found that coloured lenses had minimal effect on a person’s reaction time, after adjusting for potential errors.

The boys did a great job explaining their experiments with great feedback on their methods from the commentators. We look forward to hearing more about the trip soon!

ASMS students collaborating at Japan Super Science Fair