“When will we ever use this in real life?”  …is a complaint of the past! 

Last week our students participated in the Real Day Out across Adelaide, to learn about future careers and job roles whilst developing 21st Century capabilities.  Year 10 & 11 students went to the Adelaide CDB, Ton sley, Northern Adelaide and Thebarton to gain insights across Smart Cities, Med Tech, Social Capital, R&D, and Startups to name a few.  These venues embedded activities for our students to help us understand exactly what employers expect and how entrepreneurs work including identifying where the STEM is in job roles.

Career BluePrint helped our young people to formulate a road map so they not only know where they want to go but also how to get there. Identifying the education needed to get them there, both formal and informal, alongside the experience they’ll need and working through ways that roadblocks can be removed to help us achieve our goals.