The ASMS welcomed several schools for the International Science Fair this morning, beginning the day with an assembly that included a look at the blend of indigenous science and culture from the Paitya Dance Group, as well as a presentation by Elaf Abdel-Razaq on being a Substation Engineer.

The challenge-based learning activities, which students will continue to work on throughout the week, include

  • Trash Palace – designing and building portable housing for the homeless
  • Storytelling through Computer Games
  • Designing new buildings which aren’t cuboids or rectangular prisms
  • Vertical gardens
  • Fight for the future
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Depressurising App
  • Creating the ISF’s fastest rocket cars
  • Feast – how extensively can we use indigenous foods as part of the Australian diet?
  • Overpopulation just became your problem
  • Citizen Science: the World as a Lab.

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