Today, our International Science Fair students buckled down to work through each of their challenges, making sure they’re ready to present to the school tomorrow!

The complete list of groups/challenges held this year are

  • Gold in Them Thar Hills – armed with metal detectors, these students headed out to do some prospecting.
  • B Girls Zowie – this group has been programming robots to walk, and then dance, in preparation for a dance-off tomorrow!
  • Trash Pirates – this group headed to a salvage yard to grab some junk, and repurposed it into useful products and artwork.
  • Solving Inner City Problems – how will futuristic cities function? This group was determined to start the ball rolling.
  • Choose your Own Adventure – these self-directed students picked a topic to research, and set to work on their own.
  • Inspirational Anatomy – this group was observing, dissecting, and modelling organs from play-dough and balloons – amongst other things!
  • Rogue Cars – what are the implications of autonomous vehicles? These students headed to the Adelaide Show for their research!
  • Fibonacci Mosaics – students are exploring fibonacci sequences, and creating their own piece of mosaic artwork along the way!
  • Rocket Subs – last year’s rocket cars are stepping up in complexity, by challenging students to design the fastest rocket-powered submarine (as pictured)!

In the second half of the day, our international students were invited up to Flinders University to show off their scientific posters. Photos of these will be uploaded tomorrow!


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