What an ISF to remember!

Today saw our student groups presenting their challenge solutions to their peers throughout the day, before finishing with a closing ceremony to award each visiting school (international or local!) with a certificate commemorating their participation in this annual event.

Our beautiful Fibonacci mosaics were completed, the rocket submarine group managed to race their subs, and the anatomy group completed their anatomical models. The Trash Pirates made a fantastic assortment of artwork and devices from scrap materials, our indigenous artwork was finished and displayed, and the media team merged four days worth of photo and video into an entertaining memory of what we’ve been through along the way!

During the closing ceremony, Susan Hyde took another whole-school selfie to add to her collection, handed out an award for the best selfie of the week, and we managed to squeeze all our visitors together for a group photo!

Thanks to all the hard work put in by staff and students alike, especially to our VIP guests who watched us work and provided motivation along the way. Until next year!


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