Two in three Australian companies embracing IoT have improved their bottom line by 28%. A wide range of industries are already embracing it, including across finance, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and logistics. But we still have a long way to go.

Government and multi-national corporations play a key role in encouraging commercial-trade IoT solutions in Australia.

Mike Briers, CEO of the KEi and IoT Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, believes we’re yet to see few good examples of fully integrated services that reliably provide decision support information to end users.

“There’s a need for unparalleled collaboration and that’s a strong role for government to fill that space, to motivate new standards, and so on,” he said.

South Australia has become the nation’s most tech-savvy region and the first IoT region in the Southern Hemisphere. Multiple projects are in the works, including an agreement with French IoT provider, Sigfox, and two pilot projects for smart lighting and parking.

With Techstars first Asia-Pacific accelerator program, the rollout of Australia’s largest network, the $50 billion Smart Cities campaign, and other initiatives, Adelaide is on its way to becoming the world-first Smart City.

Adelaide has all the right ingredients to adopt new developments in technology due to many factors, including its CBD size and population.
As our cities continue to develop intuitively with IoT, new jobs and careers will open up.

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