The 11th ASMS Governing Council met for the first time on Tuesday 18 February 2014.

Elected on 11 February at the AGM, the 7 parent representatives are Saras Kumar, Pauline Mooney, Mike McAfee, Peter Nielsen, Tony Mills, Phulwinder Grover and Mark Skanes. They were elected from a pool of 13 interested parents. The remaining parents were invited to join the council as non-voting members; Peter Ferris, Michelle Bronca, Gaye Brooksby, Kevin Netz, Ben Clarke and Doreen Koh.

Other members of the Governing Council include the principal Susan Hyde, the Flinders University Vice Chancellor’s representative, Professor David Giles, the community representative Darren Oemcke (previous past chairperson), two staff representatives (Julie Perkins and Lisa Pope) and a student (represented by 4 year 11 students, Brodie Parrott, Nicole De Langen Nicole Simms and Bill Voss).

Mike McAfee was elected as chairperson, Darren Oemcke as Vice-Chairperson and Mark Scanes as the Treasurer. Julie Perkins will take on the role of secretary.

Our next meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday 18 March in the ASMS conference room. All parents of the school have the right and the invitation to attend Governing Council meetings.