How are the Year 12’s going? Let’s find out via an interview with Brianna!


Tish: “What are you doing?”

Bri: “I’m preparing for my Year 12 Specialist Maths Exam for this Friday morning. I’m currently reviewing how to represent the graphs for imaginary numbers of the form z = a + bi.”

Tish: “Wow, that sounds really easy, why aren’t you doing something more challenging?”

Bri: “Well, I’m also trying to balance my studies for the University Physics Exam for tomorrow afternoon.”

Tish: “Oh, okay. Sounds really fun.”

Bri: “Yeah, this part of the year is pretty hard to balance and stay organised. As we travelled through Year 12, our workload seemed pretty manageable, but now it’s all just crept up and intensified at the end.”

Tish: “So how are most Yearr 12’s travelling?”

Bri: “It depends how everyone’s exams have been organised. I got lucky, and mine are split evenly between two weeks. Some of us have all of them in one week!”

Me: “How are you getting through your days?”

Bri: “I manage to get through my day with lots of coffee and chocolate!”

Me: “What advice do you have for future Year 12’s?”

Bri: “Make sure you pick at least one subject that you really like, or you will sink. Don’t just go for subjects relevant to your career pathway.”

Me: “What are you immediate plans after exams finish?”

Bri: “I plan to hibernate and sleep for a week, and then go paint-balling with some friends.”

Me: “Fantastic, that sounds great and well deserved!”

Bri: “…then…over the summer I am going to review Specs Maths and Physics some more by taking a couple of MOOC’s to prepare for University next year. I have been guaranteed entrance into the Astrophysics program at Adelide Uni if I pass all of my exams.”

Me: “Ah. Yes, of course.” (these ASMS students blow my mind!?)