Last Friday was International Women’s Day. Throughout the world there were protests, campaigns, celebrations and commemorations. All occurring simultaneously, as we recognised the endeavour toward gender equality and celebrated the achievements of women who have pioneered for change.

At the ASMS, we talked about the important roles that influential women provide and thanked those who inspire us to pave the way forward. We acknowledge that people should be recognised for who they are and not just what they do for us. It is through crucial conversations that we can realise and create positive changes of our own perspectives and those in our communities.

The ASMS students have put together a video to that effect, in which they express their gratitude for the women who have helped to shape their lives. It wasn’t difficult for us to find strong, influential women without having to look too far. Determined, enterprising, confident and purposeful women are all around us, influencing and challenging the status and role that women play in our society. Person by person, making small steps towards progress.