The Australian Science and Mathematics School conducts an International Science Fair for invited students from partner schools around the world on an annual basis.  The students make an active contribution to the events of the science fair through presentations and poster displays of aspects of the research work they undertake at their own schools. Challenge Based Learning Activities has become a large focus of the science fair in later years with much success.

The Inaugural Science Fair was in 2004 with three international schools’ involvement and we have continued to run the event with increasing participation.


Since 2004 the ISF has addressed themes such as:

  • “Bio Innovation”
  • “Scientists Working to Save the Environment”
  • “Investigating Science and Social Responsibility”
  • “Celebrating the Year of Chemistry”
  • “Sustainable Energy for All”
  • “Inspiration Through Collaboration”
  • “Innovation in STEM”
  • “Science without Borders”


ASMS Science Fair 2017

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