The ASMS has been a busstle of energy today as we kicked off day two in the fifteenth iteration of the ASMS’ annual International Science Fair!

The International Science Fair (ISF) provides a unique forum for students from around the world to to display their inquiry skills and defend their findings in a non-competitive environment. They participate in challenge-based learning activities, adventurous excursions, a poster presentation, team challenges and much more! The event provides students from around the world with valuable opportunities to work in collaboration to exchange ideas and engage their inquisitive minds in the fields of mathematics, science, and technologies with like-minded peers.

Today we started with the opening ceremony, with speeches from the principal; Jayne Heath, and the Minister for Education; John Gardner. We also had a wonderful welcome ceremony and performance and from the Paitya Dance Group before breaking up into learning groups to engage with chalenges and presentations. 

Look through the newsletter below to see what has been happening in the challenge based activities today! It looks to be another great week of learning adventures at the ASMS!

Tuesday 4 September – ISF Newsletter 01

For more information on the ISF, please read the ISF page on our school website.