As part of the ASMS Girls in STEM Program and in partnership with Flinders University, our year 10 female students attended The Inspiring Women in STEM Challenge at The Science Innovation Learning Centre (SILC) Building, Flinders University on Thursday 20 September 2018.

For the past 3 years Flinders University has hosted this day especially for ASMS female students. This event enabled our students to strengthen their collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills through engineering themed challenges and learnt more about the physics and mathematics involved in building and operating a trebuchet.

Throughout the day students had many opportunities to engage with inspiring, successful female academics, current university students and industry professionals through mentoring and a STEM professional “Q & A” panel session. The students said they enjoyed “designing and making a catapult in a team…. They were able to work with and get to know new people from ASMS”.