As we approach the end of term 3, it’s important that we make sure that all students are engaging with their learning and have every chance of success.

Being punctual is a very important part of being prepared for learning. While most students arrive to school on time, those who don’t are missing valuable instructions and learning time. We understand that there are sometimes competing demands on every family’s time but we ask that you please prioritise your child’s punctuality at school.

While in class, it is important that your child is engaged in their learning. Sometimes students make decisions that are more reflective of self-indulgence than self-direction and can fall behind quickly. As we get closer to the end of the term and assessment pressure mounts, it’s critical that your child is utilising school time for learning. If you are observing that your child has extraordinary homework demands, please talk with them about their time management and their use of class time to learn rather than other activities.