Fully immersed in hands-on challenges?  Tick.

In the last week of Term 2, we were busy inquiring within our three new central studies:

In The Energy Equation students designed a wind turbine out of aluminium.  Which blade length, number and shape performed the best in the blow-dryer challenge?

In Sustainable Futures students made edible water bubbles out of sodium alginate to explore the possibility of eliminating the waste of millions of plastic water bottles.  How big could you make your bubble and how did they taste?

In Medical Engineering students collaboratively analysed two complete films, The Pianist and Life is Beautiful, to create an entire full set of their very own ‘Sparknotes’.  How could you maximise the potential of these notes to write an awesome analytical essay?

In Learning Studies students eloquently performed live debates over the topics of devices that monitor our health and changing behaviours for a sustainable future.  Who developed their Critical & Creative Thinking skills, Literacy skills, and Ethical Understandings to the greatest extent?

We are excited to see what new challenges await us in Semester 2!