On Thursday of Week 10 ASMS Year 12 students studying in the inaugural Health Science program presented their design ideas as part of the Health Science showcase. Students spent the whole term working through a design thinking process to develop a product or process to improve some element of the Health Science industry. Inspiration initially was sought by connecting with a range of industry partners to discuss contemporary Health Science industry issues.

From this inspiration students developed a range of products including a mindfulness app for teenagers, a charcoal toothbrush, a water filtering system for developing countries, a tooth scanner to detect cavities, a box of care for children with alcoholic parents, a website to gather youth feedback and consultation of the SA Mental Health plan as well as many others. Students pitched their ideas to the audience and then further showcased their ideas in a gallery walk. Student learning and passion for their product was really encouraging and the invited guests where extremely impressed with the products that were on offer. A great job done by all the students!