Jaewook, Nick, David, YunSik, Mischa and Philipp are part of an international company called Dougledyne Astrosystems and Flechtel Constructors which contains other members from India, USA and Wales.

They are vying to win a contract to design and build a space station on the Moon called Balderol against three other companies, Grumbo Aerospace, Vulture Aviation and Rockdonnell. The space station will be home to 15 000 full time residents engaged in mining, prospecting and the development of lunar surface infrastructure. The students will work throughout the weekend with little sleep to present their response to the Request For Proposal on Monday.

It rains every afternoon in Florida. A most spectacular thunderstorm is occurring outside currently and we were briefly evacuated into the corridors. There is a launch of a Delta V rocket scheduled, yet it keeps being postponed every afternoon due to weather. We are hoping it gets off the ground before we leave so we can see the launch.

The NASA complex we are in homes a company called LVX that is currently developing communication systems for NASA using LED light – it works the same as our LiFi prac in Electronic Communication. We were given a demonstration – I dare say that our prac was way more exciting than their demo – it just shows that some of the stuff we do is at the cutting edge of science!

Penny and Ash