Teams of students from around the world competed in the 2015 Global Enterprise Challenge.

This year, students had 12 hours in which to conduct research, come up with a solution, and present it as a written submission and a 3-minute video on the topic of “Awareness on the Importance of Light”. ASMS students created a website initiative called “NAL (No Artificial Lights) Day” to educate the public about our dependence on light and the problems of light pollution.  Students created a business plan that included marketing strategies and sponsorship schemes that would ultimately fund lighting for 3rd world countries.  Judges from around the world will assess their submission and determine the 2015 winners.

The GEC is supported by both NASA and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), with the latter awarding a gold medal to the winning team and individual certificates to each team member. Well done Lohana, Ian, Max, Kaviya, Cherie, and Fouad!